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History of Aquaristic and of aquarist responsible.  Empty History of Aquaristic and of aquarist responsible.

2012-04-29, 2:58 am
Hello everyone, my name is tyty and I'll give you my vision of fishkeeping.

I will show you that behind the word "aquaristic" is a hidden world and to keep it should be balanced.

This is why I often say that the aquarium is the yin and yang.

Aquaristic is a passion that is open to all ages.
Depending on time, our passion is dying every day and only aquarists who share with the whole world can realize how fast our passion is about to be extinguished.

To sum up, we could compare the aquaristic to a snake who circles in a box, but at some point it bites its tail and swallows it from year to year.

Well this picture is what is really happening in the world of the aquaristic ...

That is why I opened this topic so that any aquarist can understand what is happening.


As we speak our earth continues to change for good or bad, whether caused by our actions or that of nature.
I think it is time aquarists realized that at the other end of the world, natural habitats are beginning to disappear.

This is why I invite all the forums to talk about the biotopes and the environment,


I created a section on my forum on the environment and it is accessible to everybody and nobody is obliged to register to post:

Because before launching in the world of the aquaristic, one must understand how live our future aquatic animals

But when it's not the environment that is at stake is us aquarists that have wronged these aquatic animals;

Because many have decided to heal their bulging ego by engaging in the maintenance of wild fish while than habitat while in itself is not threatened.

It was following this, that IUCN (Red List) pointed the finger the aquarist, saying that it is demand of aquarist who cause the decline and loss of certain species.

Aquaristic is a passion that has no borders and whether demand European or on the other side of the Atlantic and that of Asia hard to find the culprit of this story

But before being declared guilty, you will understand that our passion is much more complicated than we think.

Unfortunately for some species, this is unfortunately the case, but not for all species

In most cases, these aquarists requests contributes to the disappearance of species with many other factors, such as global warming, pollution, food consumption and urbanization ...

For some species this aquarist request is only making a small percentage compared to other factors, but for other species it contributes greatly...

You may not know about all the factors, but maybe in your Local Fish Store (LFS) you can see some species that are popular while their population disappeared from their natural environment, when there is no known pollution that is at fault. Thus because no pollution, the organization such as IUCN always blame the disapperances of the fish from it's habitat because of overfishing while there's no theory to back it up.. That's why we as responsible aquarists must prove the organisation (uicn) and lobbying that we also can saved the habitat, and we think the act of overfishing is wrong for certain species..

While aquarist's demand has contributed to this, but worst of all this is lack of communication about it that caused the real loss.

Yep, if aquarists had taken the time to communicate about the biotopes of these fish, all this would not have happened ...

For me, one of the main objectives of a responsible aquarist is to establish a communication on the habitat of these fish.

Just as clubs and association should develop communication campaigns on respect of the biotope, explained why it is important for our fish.

Yet we can do that these days because the internet offers great opportunities to communicate with people around the world.

We can communicate through messaging such as facebook, skype, msn ... and create communications networks to better understand what happens in the habitat of fish or invertebrate.

A primary role of the aquarist is being responsible for establishing a communication network and for that I myself have shared with 39 forums in around world.

And yes we can communicate with other aquarists in other countries with tools that Internet offers.

Google translation and google toolbar offers a built-in translator.
All this is well integrated in google chrome.

It's super exciting to share this passion with another aquarist in the world but at the same time we can discover what is really happening in the world and we wonder why we do not react!

The worst part is that you realize that everything could be solved if only we had taken the time to contact someone.

On one side we have researchers who only share very little information unless you buy their journal but even among themselves they put sticks in the wheels.

A real crazy world and here we must wait for our dear researchers to decide that they will kindly share their information to us that information which is crucial for its progress.

The researcher and a responsible aquarist could work together, because nowadays the global market aquarist is faster than referencing a species.

The researcher aims to discover new habitats, to find a new species and list them and especially to its main objective is to save, what is called the domestication of a species.

It is with this objective that the aquarist can help the researchers responsible, but it is also necessary that they accept.

Reminder: IUCN is an independent international organization that decided whether a species is endangered or not.
This organization does not have the resources to control everything and that is why we must create a network manager with the aquarist who lives close to fish habitat or invertebrate.

It was also the explorers themselves that say how really bad things are and they become much more alarming than it sounds and in some cases the information given by the IUCN would be wrong for some species.
And some of the endangered species that is missing from their habitat is not because of aquarist's demand.

In some cases, local exporters that overfishing aquatic species in their country are not controlled by their country's law and sometimes they give us false information about the fishing sites and mislabeled some species names.

It was also the organisation of CITES, which is made of a treaty of political agreement to control the sale of certain species, for your information from 32,500 fish species in the world, only 86 species are under CITES.

There is still a lack of communication going on in here.

Only in this story, there are also animal welfare organizations who do not understand that a lot of aquarists have a responsible movement, and this movement is trying to convey other aquarists as maintenance of a fish is not a thing to be taken lightly and must comply with conditions of life and death, the ideal is to respect the habitat.

A biotope is a natural living environment that your fish used to live in, but this habitat is not that the living environment of your fish, it is also the living environment of Indigenous human beings as we also have right to live.

These natives make their living as fishermen (exporting fish) and luckily it was thanks to aquarist of the world request that certain biotope are not yet destroyed, because unless these lobbies (animal welfare organizations) have the power to make a war with the country governments who's country is responsible and change the attitude of some countries, I hardly see how they will do to save these habitats.

So all those organizations that want to stop, prohibit the import of wild species and maintains the ban of exotic species are also wrong because they do not take into account the human factor that is linked to the element of the biotope.

You've probably realized the solution and we should do a case by case, study every species that's why it's so complicated to implement, and that everyone can be considered wrong or right ...

The only way we find to accomplish this mission, is to prove what we say, so look for information to show that some biotopes are in great danger, and why these are in danger ...

Here you now understand what we are facing in, we're not sure who to believe and what to do ... Are we saviors or executioners, are you?

So for now the best we can do is to contact the aquarists who live next to our pets.

Yes because a fish is a pet but fish can not communicate orally; many see it as a mere object of interior design.

And that is why, we should stop the snake from eating its tail, communicate, share and create a movement that of "responsible aquarist".

Here is a small glimpse into the world of the aquaristic that people know and if I open this post is for you to show it and you understand that the aquaristic can't be given a simple maintenance. It's not that simple as putting the water in a glass cube.

Thank you for reading



ps : A big thank you to my friend from java "Stardust" that help me in translating this topic.

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